United by Christmas

Advent Week 2

Week of Peace

In this second week of Advent, open up your heart and mind to receive forgiveness and an interior peace that comes from God alone.

Day 8:

Have a hot cocoa night

December 10, 2023

Gather around the table or sit together on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream. This delicious drink will warm your soul and your heart.


Pour a cup of hot cocoa and add your favorite toppings. Marshmallows, whipped cream - the possibilities are endless! Sit in the company of your family and gather in great conversation.

Day 9:

Make homemade ornaments

December 11, 2023

A great way to get into the holiday spirit is decorating your home or office space. Usually we go to the store and spend money on decorations. This year, why not make a homemade Christmas ornament. This can be a fun activity to do with your children and a nice way for siblings to bond. Add a date on each ornament so you can look back at all the wonderful creations you and your family have made.


ACTION: Here is a great ornament you can make with your family that is simple and costs almost nothing to make. Supplies can be found just around your house! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yBojRLNoFQ

Day 10:

A random act of kindness

December 12, 2023

We all have bad days, so perform a random act of kindness for someone. At times difficulties may get us down and we feel hopeless. Be a beacon of hope today and spread kindness wherever you go. It doesn’t cost anything to be thoughtful of someone’s feelings. Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The Virgin Mary appeared to Juan Diego, a man of Aztec descent who had converted to Christianity, today in 1531. She asked him to build a shrine on the spot where she had appeared, Tepeyac Hill, now in a suburb of Mexico City.


Do something special for someone today. Whether it be holding a door or helping someone carry their groceries, take that extra step to be nice. In addition, say a prayer to our Blessed Mother Mary, thanking her for being our Heavenly Mother and most Holy of wisdom and love.

Day 11:

Take a family holiday photo

December 13, 2023

Family photos are wonderful pieces of joy you can look back on and smile at the memories. Capturing milestones and good times in your holiday outfits and looking back on them is a treasure.


Take a family photo in your holiday outfits. Frame it and place it somewhere special in your home to look back on for years to come.

Day 12:

Sing Christmas carols together

December 14, 2023

Singing is a form of expression. It evokes many feelings, especially during Christmastime. Today, turn on your favorite playlist and immerse yourself in holiday cheer.


Gather with your family and sing Christmas carols. Pick your favorites throughout the decades. You may even want to challenge each other to learn one in another language.

Day 13:

Visit a local holiday craft fair

December 15, 2023

This Christmas season, let us remember to cherish and feed into the lives of others. We can help and provide for those who aren’t expecting us to think of them.


Visit a local holiday market or craft fair. Buy something from a small business and spread the word about their products to others. This will help promote their business and hopefully give them more customers. Whatever you purchase, give it as a gift to someone who wouldn’t expect a gift from you. This is a wonderful way to show you are thinking of them.

Day 14:

Write of all that you're thankful for

December 16, 2023

Take a moment for self reflection today. Sometimes, we get so caught up in life. We yearn for what we don’t have and forget to see all the things we do have. Take today to be grateful for all that God has given to you and realize how blessed you are.


Take a few minutes today to sit by yourself and think of all the wonderful things in your life. Write all of that you are thankful for. Reread the list to yourself and know you are truly blessed.